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The Elephant Collective is a New Orleans based nonprofit and federal 501(c)(3) corporation.
We rely on the support of our community to fund immersive art and support creative entrepreneurs.

The Elephant Collective believes everyone is an artist and community driven art can unify the world.

Collaborative Power of Community

Our community values creative cooperation and collaboration. Overcoming personal flaws & interpersonal differences builds a collaborative space that allows us to work together powerfully. We respect each other and what we create together.

Dream Bigger

No person, idea, or action is too small or too big to matter. We seek to help break down the barriers within ourselves and our society that prevent us from fulfilling our wildest dreams. We intentionally amplify our imagination and everything we do. We consistently push ourselves to play, laugh, dream, and grow well beyond our comfort zones.

Environmental & Personal Sustainability

Every person agrees to care for themselves, to do their civic duty in order to keep our community safe & healthy, and commits to using only what they need while replenishing what they use. We respect the land and waters we live on, understand our impact on them, and do our best to keep our impact as low as possible.

Inclusion & Accessibility

Anyone may be a part of The Elephant Collective! We welcome everyone, and in doing so we recognize that all people face different hardships which could limit their participation. Our community believes in access for all while understanding that access may mean different things for different people. We meet people where they are and respect where they come from.


Our community is built on respecting everyone’s right to choose what they do or do not do. Each person, and The Elephant Collective as a whole, agrees to be honest about their intentions, actions, and needs. We commit to congruous words and actions.

The Elephant Collective’s mission is to nurture the unrealized artist within by providing resources that enable the participation in and creation of community driven interactive art.

The Trumpeter of Truth more_vert
The Trumpeter of Truth close

The Trumpeter of Truth is a large scale art car, with a 28 foot school bus as its base. It’s aesthetic is conceptually based on the 2001 musical-movie, The Moulin Rouge, which includes an eclectic collection of earth tones, jewel tones, bright colored lighting and mixed metal, as well as French baroque architecture and art.

The Trumpeter of Truth is a platform for the personal transformational ritual of speaking the truth of traumatic experiences and thus bringing them into the light where they can be seen in a non-threatening way. As humans, we hurt, heal, and live to tell the tale.

Healing is a journey, one we are collectively experiencing throughout our evolution, experiencing individually throughout the course of our lives, and experiencing as a planetary whole as we are faced with climate change and the threat of extinction of many species including our own.

Immersive Events more_vert
Immersive Events close

The Elephant Collective designs large-scale live immersive art experiences as fundraisers and a testimate to what we can create. A multitude of rooms, performers, spectacle, and interaction deliver awe-inspiring journeys through unique landscapes that propel participants to challenge their perceptions of what art can be and how to experience it.

Our events focus on the creative culture of New Orleans and inspire the participation of attendees. All art that is created for our events is funded by grants from The Elephant Collective which help sustain the artists of our community.

Classes & Education more_vert
Classes & Education close

We strengthen artistic minds through education and training. This means we offer classes, workshops, and other learning opportunities in order to provide a collaborative environment for artists to thrive creatively and economically.

Arts Business Incubation more_vert
Arts Business Incubation close

Walk in with a dream and walk out with tools, resources, and a plan. The Elephant Collective’s art incubation initiative helps artists become business pros and helps them learn how to turn their ideas into a solid business platform. We’re here to help artists succeed at becoming self-sustaining entrepreneurs that dream big and play smart.

Community Fabrication Shop more_vert
Community Fabrication Shop close

Ever had a dream and wanted to make something big but didn’t have the tools, space, and resources to do it? Us too! Come join us in our 11,000sqft warehouse where we have the space and tools to build everything from elaborately embellished costumes costumes to giant LED covered art cars.

Public Art more_vert
Public Art close

The creation of public installation art helps members of TEC to interact with the public in a whole new way: limitless art that people can walk in and around and immersive themselves inside of while delivering socially conscious messages to those that participate. Installation art is about making a whole new world, and TEC members are the driving force behind it.

We love to make things! Want to get involved?

Volunteer more_vert
Volunteer close

We are in this together. When you help one of us succeed, you help all of us succeed. By volunteering with the collective, you gain the chance to make a difference through the creation of art and a judgement free, playful environment to expand your own horizons.

Resident Artists (TERRA) more_vert
Resident Artists (TERRA) close

The Elephant Collective offers local artists the opportunity to operate in residence at The Elephant Room’s collaborative fabrication facility. This program offers specialized, individualized attention from all members of The Elephant Collective staff to encourage multifaceted artistic growth, access to the resources of our business incubator, and use of materials donated to the collective for personal projects. TERRA membership is by application only. Applications will be reviewed by the membership committee.

Collaborate more_vert
Collaborate close

The Elephant Collective specializes in collaboration. Although we are open to venue rentals and custom fabrication, we much prefer to work on events or art projects as a team. We value all creative input and the expansion of our community. Collaborating with The Elephant Collective is an opportunity for you and us to become more than the sum of our parts.

Our Team

Scarlet Dame close

Scarlet Dame (she/her) is a queer, trans feminine artist, musician, and interactive technologist who discovered that her best self exists as a developer not just of technology, but of creative ideas and organizations. She works artistically with generative systems - organisms that exist in code and respond to their environments to reflect the inherent and emergent complexity of human, environmental, and physical life.

Stacey Spectacular close

Stacey Spectacular is a multifaceted artist working in circus arts, performance art, event production, costume design, and several different healing modalities focused on the body and its energy field. Inspired by the fantastical world of circus, the extravagance of the Baroque period, the simplicity of the natural world, and the mechanism of the human body, her work employs juxtaposition as commentary highlighting the breadth and depth of human emotion.

Her passionate pursuit of the arts is the result of a past darkened by trauma and incest abuse, propelling her to communicate the magic, mystery, and beauty of the healing journey to the masses as her own way of encouraging others to fight their demons and celebrate the complexities life has to offer.

Our dreams would be much smaller without the generous support of our sponsors.